Shongweni Dam

A mom’s perspective

When I heard Brad announcing a trip away with fathers and sons I was really chuffed as I was looking forward to the queen size bed and PVR all to myself. But as always happens they are only gone for a few hours and you start to miss the crazy bunch. Yes, I did have a good relax and some girly time with my Mom but it was really exciting having them coming home.

They all came home smelling like dirty laundry but after a good shower and loads of washing all was back to normal. It was so great to hear both boys being so excited about being away on a “guys” camp. They could not stop telling me of all their little expeditions in the canoe and trying to catch fish. Connor so enjoyed the fishing that he has asked for fishing gear for his birthday.

I thank God that we have been placed in such a loving family church and that my boys feel so very “at home” with the other children and men from Gracehill, it really gives me so much joy that they are happy in the church and with all the activities we do as I believe this is what will keep them in church and getting closer to God in their later years.

Setting up the tents

The kids could hardly contain themselves as we set up camp.

From a dad who camped with his boys

As a dad it was really awesome having some “guys” time out with my boys. Although trying to pitch a tent that we had borrowed in very windy and cold conditions, and had to keep my language in check being a Christian camp and all, once Connor had read the instructions all was well except for 3 pegs short of a full tent – pun intended.

We made some great memories most importantly both Caleb and Connor had an amazing time learning to fish and canoeing. I spent my time assisting other dad’s dealing with all the tangled fishing lines! Caleb and I took a hike and as we don’t get to spend much time alone it was great to be outdoors and having one on one time together.

Connor would have stayed forever given the chance. He did not feel the cold and spent most of the time in shorts and t-shirts doing everything available. He also had loads of fun being around the other boys and dads.

I think this is something we could do again as it really gets the boys away from technology, into the fresh air and time with family which is so important.

It would be great to do it again when it warms up and increases the chances of actually hooking a fish.

Good morning Shongweni

Beautiful view, icy cold and no fish…

Last minute tent check

Finally…our tent is up

Trees, canoeing and fishing

Tons of fun for all

Parking off

Fishing in comfort

A moonlit night

Stunning evenings at Shongweni