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20 minutes a day Bible Reading Plan

This year, try reading the Bible in chunks.

By this, I mean that you should try reading whole books at one sitting, rather than the 3-4 chapters per day that most Bible-in-a-Year plans suggest. Many of the books of the Bible are stories. They are meant to be read as stories, and you understand them better if you read them that way.

Others, such as Paul’s letters, are not stories, but letters to Churches or individuals and you get a better sense of his overall aim in the letter when read all at once.

Did you know that just under half the number of books in the Bible can be read in 20 minutes or less in one sitting. On the downloadable PDF below are those books in the New Testament and Old Testament that can be read in under 20 minutes in their entirety.

Imagine that… in less than a month you could have read almost half the Bible.

 Why not give it a try and see it through this year.


Here is a printable (PDF) for you that lists all the books of the Old Testament and the New Testament which can be read in 20 minutes or less.

Books of Bible under 20 mins (PDF)