Our ..
Signifies community, unity and prayer focussed on the Kingdom not just on my needs

The Lords prayer takes 20 seconds to read and a lifetime to learn

People struggle with prayer that’s why they asked Jesus to teach them to pray Jesus wants us to have a consistent effective prayer life

Prayer is not an option for a Christian it is a necessity

Not only inward focussed its Kingsom focussed James 4 v 2 and 3

Yet you dont have want you want because you dont ask God for it….some things will never come because you didn’t ask

Also if your motives are wrong it will hinder your prayer

Prayer is not an act of therapy in fact,
Prayer disrupts our tranquility because it disrupts our heart

Not act of manipulation or persuading God….it works when He persuades us

Your will be done….a very difficult thing…

Lord if you do this…..then I will do that…. we try to bargain with God but the reality is you wont hold up your end of the bargain even if the prayer is answered because obedience is a HEART issue not a money issue

its not a news report to God….he already knows

Commit to series on prayer you will be changed from the inside out Math 6
Sermon on the mount is about Kingdom issues

About living abundantly

How and what we pray reveals our deepest convictions about God

What we pray for is going to be refined….less about me and more about Him
There is no me and I in this prayer …..its about us
Jesus reminds us that we are a family not an individual. The body is a togetherness of believers

Our Father in heaven….Gods character and his relationship to us….children praying to a loving father

The point of our prayer is not getting everything we want it’s all about Gods sovereignty.

As we pray our perspective changes our mind is renewed out behavior changes

Hallowed be Your name….His name is made Holy by my representation of Him to the world