Like Home

After a very short while, Hillcrest Primary School has become our home. We love it here, want to grow here and want to be a blessing to the school. In making this our home, there are some things that we would like to do so that Sundays feel even more like we are in our very own venue, even though we are in someone else’s.

Here are some projects you could contribute to in order for this to happen :

Electrical Installation – we would like to install extra power plugs and lighting under the awning opposite the hall so that when it rains or when the sun is shining a little too strong, we can serve our teas and coffees undercover.
COST : R10,800
REFERENCE : Electrical

In-Ear Monitors – this is a request from our worship team that will help on a Sunday and during the week for practices. Not only will it aid in the pack-out and pack-up, but also allow them at least hear each other and themselves a little better. Our current monitors cause a lot of “stage noise” and for those musically minded, apparently, it will make a lot of sense.
COST : R17,700
REFERENCE : Monitors

Lighting – we have been given permission to mount stage lights in the roof of the auditorium which will help tremendously with our Sunday services. At the moment the school lighting in the hall is incorrectly placed and if you have stood on the stage I think you will agree, sunglasses should be standard equipment for anyone looking out over the congregation.
COST : R6,200
REFERENCE : Lighting

Should you wish to partner with us in this campaign “Making it our home“, please make a transfer or deposit into our account for the amount you have decided in your heart to give, together with the reference, so that we will know where to allocate your contribution.

Our bank details are as follows :
Bank : First National Bank
Branch : Westville (223526)
A/C Name : Gracehill
A/C No. : 62278509678