Our VISION to 12

The audacious vision to touch thousands of people with the Gospel

The vision for GraceHill this year is called “A Vision to 12”. If you want to hear the message preached on our Vision Sunday, click this link (A VISION TO 12) to listen or download the MP3 message.

The Vision to 12 comprises reaching people and communities with the Gospel interalia preaching, teaching, addressing social issues, events and through simple interactions like having a braai with friends.

Firstly, this year (December 2016 to November 2017) we as a church want to :

  • Touch 12,000 people OUTSIDE the church with the Gospel.
  • Touch 12,000 people INSIDE the church with the Gospel.
  • Touch 12 communities with the Gospel.

Secondly, we believe this is not just through hard work but rather has to start with our relationship with Jesus and the church. To this end we, as members of the GraceHill family, have committed to :

  • Remain Gospel focused.
  • Set aside time daily.
  • Excel in the grace of giving.
  • Participate in serving opportunities.

And lastly, we have encouraged every person at GraceHill to find their own 12 for this year. It may be to invite 12 people to GraceHill over the course of the year or give away 12 Bibles. Seek the Lord in this and then just do it.

If you haven’t heard our Vision Sunday message, download it and listen to it and remember the Mongoose.

God Bless you in 2017.